Flowers, sweet potato omelet, and deciding which F Troupe bathers to get from Robber (I went with black).


 Cute sushi from Magic Pony's current window display by Junko Mizuno.

Spring in the city.

Celebratory crab cakes and smoked arctic char at Swan.

Carlos's current installation.

Here we are.

First White Squirrel ice cream sandwich of the year and Parkdale blooms.

 New apartamento :)

MJ in a window in Parkdale and me enjoying the sun.

 My friend Erin has a really nice apartment.


Brunch at L'Ouvrier.
The Iain Baxter exhibit at the AGO is really good.

As you can see, I've been enjoying instagram (you can follow me @thankyou_ok).


A beautifully warm Monday in Toronto called for a salad party (for one). 


I love this story in L'Officiel's March issue.
 Look, guyyyys, I bought pants -  PEACH pants, no less.  My personal brand of wearing only black tents is very confused right now (kidding).


Last year at this time I was in Paris, taking pictures of flowers.

And two years ago, I was in Seoul - doing the very same thing. 

time of the thieves

All filed under, as Anabela says, "photos I wish I had taken".  All found from a beautiful site, time of the thieves

gold + yellow

 Wishful thinking at MNZ.
(gold Jil Sander skirt + yellow eatable of many orders pen case bag)

nice apartment

I really like Antje Taiga's home on Freunde von Freunden. Especially that rug.