Braids left over from an annual meeting I had for work (one of the perks of working for Aveda and I'm never taking them out!!! Kidding, I will tomorrow). 
 Shade of green in Bellwoods.
 Saving Grace and the top of my friend Emily's head.
Swan AKA my favourite restaurant in Toronto.
A cart that Carlos brought home, which he thinks he would like to use for an outdoor drink cart - but for now it's holding Korean stationery, etc.


 Tacos two ways + lovebirds in black.


Here I am in Elle Girl Korea's May issue in a feature called Hello Magazine Lover (amaazing!).  My choices were Toronto-based favourites Worn Fashion Journal and Bad Day, as well as Russh, Acne Paper, Apartamento, etc.

Carlos is happy because a picture I took of his installation was included :)

Also! For everyone in Toronto who loves magazines and fun times, Worn is launching their 14th issue this Saturday night, and I think you should probably go.  Here's a little video to get you in the mood.

 Floating reading material in the bedroom + Shannon Gerard's cute crocheted cacti. 

And here, some new installations Carlos is working on featuring a few little things from our time in Seoul.


some nice things to pretty-up my blog:

kate moss's hair and nails //Acne Sigmund sunglasses//  // Dorian V-Neck Dress by A D├ętacher // Ursina on Oyster // Celine wood grain shirt// melissa thomson // no. 6 daily

kotama bouabane

Love these shots by Toronto-based photographer Kotama Bouabane.  Go see his whole exhibit, Follow Suit, at ESP on now.  That shrub!


 Barbie-pink nails and the new Acne Paper.

Books in the kitchen.

 Bad Day party, windows, best wallet, figs + cheese, and ballet slippers.

Breakfast and tie-dye.

Capital Espresso makes really good sandwiches now! And, here's Charlotte.

Can I just keep posting instagram photos directly here? I can't get enough.