Before I left for Paris, my friend Rachel invited Carlos and I over for dinner. She made pasta from scratch (something I found to be very impressive/delicious) and the whole meal was just really lovely. I wish I remembered to take some pictures of the food! Anyway, her house is so beautifully decorated that I did manage to pull out my disposable for a few quick photos.


tulips and tarts pre-dinner party// double rainbow rainbow opening reception at Show & Tell Gallery// strolling down Ossington// a corner of the MOCCA Courtyard Installation// new neon Cambridge Satchel from A2ZANE// a pea frittata and sandwich from Saving Grace// friends taking advantage of an herbs sale


Jim Haynes once invented a verb to describe what he does. The verb is 'to fuller'. Fullering, according to Jim, means to spend your time and energy joyfully. And the first payment for fullering is the happiness that comes from doing what you're doing. Jim Haynes himself is a bona fide fullerer, and, as befits a fullerer, he proudly proclaims he hasn't worked a day in his life.
excerpt from apartamento)

On Thursday I picked up the latest issue of apartamento (get yours at Robber) and practically screamed when I flipped to the following article about Jim Haynes. Before going to Paris, Gill emailed me to see if I wanted to attend one of Jim Haynes' Sunday Dinners. I hadn't yet heard of him and thought, why not. We were put on the waiting list, but Jim assured us that we would most likely be able to attend.

And attend we did. Here are some pictures I took from the Sunday Dinner we were at - which happened to fall on Easter Sunday. The menu? Rabbit cassoulet, of course. Accompanied by a crisp apple and beet salad, with brownies and ice cream for dessert. And lots of red wine. As the weather was nice, the party spilled out into his garden. I didn't take too many photos of the evening, as I was distracted by the good food and company (and balancing my plate and cup). We met people from all over the world and ended up continuing the night with some girls from London. If you get the chance, I highly suggest trying to head over to Jim's one Sunday.


My first meal in Paris - Gill and I shared these two salads. The lentils were amaaazing - not to mention the goat cheese and the lardons. I was pretty much in heaven.

More sweets.

Inside a nice shop in the ninth.

One day I was wandering around by myself and came across this wall - somewhere near Gare du Nord.

A market in Le Marais.

Adorable pups and happy hour.



Complex Geometries block-T in black

(Toronto friends: In case you didn't already know, there's a CG sample sale this Saturday...yessss)

Wood & Horn Collar by Jenny Bird (available at rac boutique in Toronto)