(Miss Moss - I really enjoyed looking through Diana's Paris photos - so many goodies; street style shots by Mr. Newton; two seriously beautiful shots by Madelene at Le Portillon)

I'm leaving for Paris in two weeks on a trip to visit my friend Gill who is living there for the time being. If you have any tips on things I must see/do, I would love to hear them, as it will be my first time there. I don't really have any plans other than to wander around, drink wine, eat sweets, and take millions of pictures (although I am pretty excited to visit Colette). I've also noticed that Danica has compiled a list of highlights from her past trip, which will no doubt come in handy. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


  1. I might need to give you money for you to buy me some FANCY TEA!!!

  2. Oh and those bottom two pictures are crazy amazing. Cramazing, if you will.

  3. ooooh, yes!

    no kidding! all of her pictures are absolutely beautiful. just so good.

  4. Lately I've been infatuated with London/Paris chef Rachel Khoo who just got a feature in the NYT:


    Her favourite places in Paris:


    + Shakespeare and Company and the Jardin de Luxembourg & Pierre Hermes or Laduree macarons!

    Hope you enjoy Paris!

  5. wowweeeeeeeeeee you're in for a TREAT!

    i have been lucky enough to visit paris 4 times and i still want to go back again and again and again.

    i'm just going to jot down some random thoughts here...

    - the metro is handy & easy because paris is HUGE, but if you can try to walk everywhere or even take the bus because you get to see so much... OR take a velib bicycle. but beware, it can be pretty tricky because the parisians have NO time / patience to scoot around tourists who block up their bike paths...
    - steer clear of those tourist buses that go on routes around paris, you will be able to see more if you just cruise around on your own
    - a museum pass is a MUST. try to get a 3-4 day one if you're going to be there for a while. you get to skip queues (this is ESPECIALLY handy at the Louvre) and you can visit the museums as many times as you like.
    - do not miss the museum of decorative arts & fashion (next to the louvre) - they always have amazing exhibitions on. also the l'orangerie - the monets are beautiful to behold, but don't skip the basement which also has a beautiful collection (some of my favourite pieces)
    - visit all the gardens you possibly can (jardin du luxembourg, jardin des plantes, parc de monceau... also the pere lachaise cemetery which is beautiful)
    - if you're trying to save dinero just buy your food at supermarkets (they're not even SUPERmarkets, they're like mini markets). try to buy bread from a bakery (because it's soooo good) - but you'll find that the bakeries supply the supermarkets every morning anyway...
    - a day trip to versailles is super easy and very worthwhile.
    - walk from the louvre through the tuileries, across the place de la concorde all the way up the champs-elysees to the arc de triomphe (stop for shopping along the way)
    - have bread, wine & cheese next to the river at sun down.
    - the marais district is absolutely amazing (the only area of paris i manage to get lost in most of the time.) such interesting boutiques & restaurants.
    - go into every zara you can because different shops have different stock (i love zara)

    my best advice though is just get lost & discover it all for yourself.

    i really am very envious. enjoy it!

  6. I guess you are pretty excited about Paris ! :) I think you will have a memorable time and it's spring !
    I would have love to meet you there, I will go back to France for 10 days in two weeks, but I'm not sure to make it to Paris.
    I will send you a mail in the further days with a few adresses and places to visit. I hope you will enjoy it.

    Also if I can see it, dont be to excited about Colette, it's nice and ''COOL'' but in a way it's just a hypster shop and ''one of this things you must see in Paris''. There are plenty of nice others places like the concept store Merci. And I hope you will also see those things. :)


  7. My favorite Paris activity was visiting a lovely old flea market on the edge of town. It's on Saturday and Sunday mornings (I think) and you take the Metro to Portes de Vanves. It's huge and filled with beautiful antiques and people drink wine as they sell things. Only problem is that it's near impossible to haggle if you aren't flent in french. Bonne chance!

  8. Oh, I'm so jealous! I went in October and it was so lovely!

    + Pop in Laduree for a look as it is beautiful, but head to Pierre Herme if you actually plan on eating macarons. They are AMAZING and I found them way better than Laduree's version.
    + I second L'Orangerie - such a breathtaking museum. Also, you can get a reduced price ticket for Musee D'Orsay & L'Orangerie if you visit both on the same day. They are just across the Seine from one another!
    + Rue de Roisiers in Le Marais. Amazing falafel!
    + Merci boutique - a concept store without the airs and crowds of Colette. Absolutely beautiful and the profits of everything in the store are donated to charity (!) http://www.merci-merci.com/
    + That being said, you should definitely stop by Colette if only to have the experience. I dropped in one Saturday afternoon and ended up paying for my purchase right next to Karl Lagerfeld, so the people-watching is top-notch.
    + Also, Versailles is amazing and definitely worth the trip. It is easy to get there and make sure you visit Marie Antoinette's cottage and hamlet while you're there!
    + Jardin du Luxembourg - make sure you find the Fountain of the Medici. It's breathtaking!

    All the best, and have fun!

  9. *breakfast at Laduree
    *Les Arts Décoratifs
    *Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte
    *The Collection
    *Luka Luna

    Le Cool guide Paris

  10. I've been meaning to write you for awhile to thank you - your posts on Seoul were a wonderful thing to have while I was there this winter. we are "friends" on Tumblr but barely acquainted beyond that, and I think this should change!

    as for Paris, the last time I was there was five years ago, so this is hardly exhaustive, but here are a few things I remember fondly:

    - Mariage Freres, a charming little tea shop that feels like another century, and with excellent tea; there are several locations and I can't remember which one I visited, but I'm sure they're all wonderful.

    - steak tartare et frites! even if you are averse to raw meat, you should try this once.

    - raclette, a sort of reverse fondue (you scrape off melty, heated cheese over a plate of potatoes/meats/etc.), super delicious. a winter food so I'm not sure of its availability in the spring, but it's worth finding out.

    - nutella crepes and jamon et fromage crepes from street vendors

    - the Latin Quarter for a pleasant stroll, full of little shops and cafes, and is where one of the oldest bookstores still stands (Shakespeare & co.)

    - Les Deux Magots and Cafe de Flore, two cafes across from each other known for its past intellectual clientele (Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway). a little touristy but nice for people watching.

    - for something strange, stop by the mouse trap store in Les Halles (http://zoomandgo.com/destinations/image_viewer.asp?dak=70332249) the window display is famous for its taxidermied rodents in traps, and it was funny that I came across this accidentally while there, and later recognized it in Disney's Ratatouille!

    - as everyone will note, Pierre Herme and/or Laduree for macarons

  11. Dear katie,
    i know these aren't your photos in this particular post, but what camera(s) do you usually shoot with?

  12. just stumbled upon your blog & it's lovely.
    paris is so beautiful just to wander about & get lost in. grab a baguette & cheese & some wine at the grocery & just go for a stroll... :)

  13. So jealous of your trip to Paris coming up. Have so much fun. I haven't been in years but Paris really is one city that I say it's better to have no plan. Just go and wander. See the sights of course but walk and take your time. I just found your blog. Loving it.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  14. i know you will be inundated with tips so here are my top five (with you specifically in mind):

    1. merci in the 3rd. i think this hybrid space is definitely right up your alley.

    2. rose bakery in the 9th (there are other locations too). really beautiful, simple food.

    3. l'as du fallafel in the 4th. super cheap and amazing falafel. you have to go here, katie!

    4. centre pompidou. best contemporary art.

    5. jardin du luxembourg. my favourite public garden.

  15. Last year was the first time I made it to Paris and it was as delightful and giddy and beautiful and every little thing. It was just as I'd hoped and more... and how often does that happen. Have a swell adventure.

  16. For vintage and second hand I would suggest the Chine machine, la caverne a fripes and guerrisol. Loved those places on my recent trip! Make also sure to stop by at the Kooples, Sandro next to the Centre Pompidou and the other petite boutiques around there!

    very cool blog :)
    x jeanne

  17. You're blog is so inspiring, I just discovered it tonight :-)
    Have wonderful time in Paris, I live there and it is great (you should look around Canal St Martin + Belleville, the bar aux folies is great on rue de belleville) Bon voyage !

  18. I hope you got my mail yesterday ! <3

  19. Gosh, how exciting. I'm planning a trip there too, so will look forward to seeing what you discover.

  20. I suggest a walk along the lovely Canal Saint-Martin! Have a great trip!