all images from Bonjour Johanna

A new addition to my regular reads, Bonjour Johanna is a sweet blog run by Johanna Tagada, a textile design student and creator of Miam Attaque. I had a hard time choosing which photos to post here as I really love her aesthetic! Too cute.


I've been wishing it was spring so I could wear my favourite piece of (tent) clothing by Korean label Plasma Sphere/Patron Saint.

Here's a little portrait of my handsome man, taken at Crema during a visit to the Junction.

I've been painting my nails with two new shades of beautifully packaged RGB polish (Camel and Oxblood) from rac boutique (which is daaangerously close to work).

Here's a sneak peek of what Carlos has been working on - can you spot me?

I also had THE BEST salad at the Drake on Family Day - apples, white cheddar, pecans... mustard vinaigrette. Will be recreating immediately.


Native Trees of Canada by Leanne Shapton via I'm Revolting

Kim Catton, assistant clothing buyer of Aritzia
01 Magazine
Photos by: Jennilee Marigomen

photo by: David Zilber, via his thirty-five millimetre blog, RECIDIVISM


More from the Seoul archives.


I meant to do this little love day post yesterday, but well, I went and saw Biutiful last night and cried like a baby (we're talking serious lobster eyes from about ten minutes into the movie until I crawled into bed). That said, I highly recommend it. Highly. Sigh. Anyway, my day of hearts was a happy one - Carlos, the thoughtful guy he is, caught me off guard with a tube of Tom Ford lipstick in Pure Pink (the best!!!) and some posies from Coriander Girl. And I thought I wasn't into Valentine's Day.


Dream tents, in the very best palette.

Central Saint Martins Graduation Show via Tourist Magazine


Another round of the stationery I brought back from Korea - it seems I might be able to open a small shop. Still more to come!


I developed my first roll of film from the Shironeko Holga (AKA the best party camera ever) that Carlos gave me for Christmas. I was so pleased with the results and the flash - so fun.


Some Seoul snaps from last year.


Okay, I'm dying over this vintage windbreaker (the one on the right) by Issey Miyake (found at Assembly New York). All tents, all the time.