some pictures I took between films

This past weekend I took advantage of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (which is on through July 25th) and watched:

- Sin of a Family (Korea)
- Footed Tadpoles (Japan)
- 8000 Miles 2: Girl Rappers (Japan)
- Red (Korea)

Tomorrow morning I'm watching a collection of fantastic short films and, as none of the movies I've seen so far (with exception of 8000 Miles 2 ) were anything I expected, I'm looking forward to seeing what the shorts have in store.

If you live in Korea, this festival is a wonderful opportunity to check out Korean/International films for a very reasonable price. The only drawback is that you can't bring in any food or drink - which is unfortunate, as I was obviously going to use the festival as an excuse to eat movie popcorn three times a day.

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  1. Hey! I wanted to see that movie, but it was sold out so we saw Permanent Nobara which was great too.
    I really love your blog, great pictures! Thanks for sharing.